Organic Asafoetida


Details of Organic Asafoetida.

Product name Botanical Name Forms Available Organic Status
Organic Asafoetida Ferula asafoetida Whole/Compounded NOP/NPOP/EU

Organic Asafoetida: Asafoetida is used as a digestive aid, in food as a condiment, and in pickling. It typically works as a flavour enhancer and, used along with turmeric, is a standard component of Indian cuisine, particularly in lentil curries, such as dal as well as in numerous vegetable dishes. It is widely used in South Indian and Maharashtrian cuisine, which is mainly vegetarian, and is often used to harmonize sweet, sour, salty and spicy components in food. Asafoetida also serves the purpose as a vegetarian alternative to make food taste more full-flavoured and savoury. The spice is added to the food at the time of tempering. Sometimes dried and ground asafoetida (in very mild quantity) can be mixed with salt and eaten with raw salad. Nutritional benefits: Some of the most interesting health benefits of asafoetida include its ability to protect the gastrointestinal system, improve menstrual symptoms, reduces inflammation, boost the immune system, eliminate respiratory issues, prevents reproductive disorders, improve mood swings and nervous disorders, and ease pain. Kaivalya gives the products which are grown under stringent organic standards of NPOP, NOP and EU certification LACON, Germany. Retail packing available: 50gm / 100gm Bulk packing available: 25kg / 50kg